Please donate!

It’s a sad fact of life that political campaigns take money.  We therefore ask you to help us reach out to those who are on the fence about issues and politicians.  Without donations, we cannot get the word out about why they should vote for conservative values.
Where do your donations go?
We give money to candidates to help them with their campaign expenses.  These include:
  • mailings
  • yardsigns
  • phone calling
  • door knocking

Our help makes a huge difference to our candidates, most of whom do not have the huge war chests of unions or PACS behind them.  These include candidates for local Commissioners, County Officials, Judicial Candidates, District Reps, and State Senators.  We do not give monetary support for candidates for Governor, Congressional Representative, or US Senator, or Presidential candidates.

Where your donations do NOT go:
  • rent expenses for our offices
  • any recompense for county party officials (all are volunteers)
  • recompense for state GOP campaign workers
Every penny of what YOU donate to the Saginaw County GOP goes 100% to support our local candidates!!
Donating online coming soon!
in the meantime…
Please send a check to:  Saginaw County Republicans, PO Box 6653, Saginaw, MI  48608


Thank you for donating